About Me

I am Ravi and I come from IT services background. I joined IT Industry during the early 90s and fortunate to get a break in Wipro. Having spent more than 2 decades in two of the IT majors Wipro and Infosys, I had excellent exposure to technology, customer relationship, business development, and P&L management.

My Professional Journey

IT services industry was just picking up during the early 90s with popular IT names like TCS, Wipro, and HCL. As a Wiproite, I started my career in the eastern region and moved across the country from east to south to north managing IT hardware ranging from Wipro to SUN to Apple to Cisco. Having joined as a rookie I learned customer relationship, networking, and empowerment particularly from Wipro out of all other skills.

The later part of my career was with Infosys giving me exposure to Global IT services!. Had a great time in Infosys being part of the Infrastructure services growth story. Having joined Infosys during the early days of the Infra services business played a significant part in building the business. Process orientation, financial discipline, and brand building were the major learnings for me from Infy.

My third innings are around entrepreneurship and I tried my luck with running an e-commerce venture for 4 years. While COVID did put breaks on my venture, still I am pursuing my entrepreneurship ambitions!

My expertise is around developing IT services/practices, crafting customer portfolios, developing leadership, and building the business. I had an opportunity to build a portfolio across various verticals like BFSI, Manufacturing, Telcos, etc and geographies like the US, Europe, APAC, and India during my IT services journey.

On the Personal side

I am very fond of traveling and I could explore many places across India and some continents abroad as well over the years. Having based out of Bangalore and my frequent travel destinations are Coorg, Mysore, Wynad, etc. Other major hobbies are movies, reading books, and watching cricket.  By the way, I also very often get into some long chat sessions with friends about all topics under the sun!.

It is indeed a great pleasure to indulge in discussions with friends over a wide range of topics and particularly around IT and Technology. Hope this blog will an interesting, learning, and enriching experience for both me and you. Please feel free to bounce your views and I will try to add value as much I can.

My best wishes…

With Regards

Ravichandran Annadurai